How to unlock my sims 3 activation code

by retroraven64

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How to unlock my sims 3 activation code

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I recently tried to put my Sims 3 game on my new pc. I haven't played the Sims 3 for years as my old pc couldn't handle it which made it completely unplayable so it's been left untouched for years. I recently found my game again and wanted to try it, but when i put the code into the ea app it's saying my code has already been redeemed. So I'm guessing it's still locked to my original origin account. Only problem is, because it was so long ago, I have no idea what email it is under and no details to my original origin account. I've tried finding ways of contacting ea but i keep coming up against brick walls. 


Is there anyway I can have my sims 3 code unlocked? I really don't want to have to pay more money for a game and it's expansion packs when I already own them. 

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Re: How to unlock my sims 3 activation code

@retroraven64  There's no way to remove the code from your old account, and therefore no way to use it in your current one.  If you'd like to ask EA customer support for help finding the old account, try this link:


Make sure you're signed into an EA site (this one is fine) before clicking the link and that the location in the lower-right corner of the browser window is set to U.S. or U.K.


You could also try signing into an EA site or the App and entering any email address you still have access to.  Any address tied to an EA account should receive a password-recovery email.  Check the spam filter as well as the inbox.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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