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How to get my Sims 3 disc game onto Origin?

by riahbrenda

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How to get my Sims 3 disc game onto Origin?

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I recently found my old The Sims 3 base game, inserted the disc into my laptop and started up "Autorun" which was in the files under "DVD RW Drive Sims3" which is under This PC. 

I went through the installing process, entered the code that is on the back of the manual and it worked. The launcher opened on request but had no data on it, it's all blank, though I could still start up the game and play. (Did this once) I noticed that it's not updated to the current patch so I closed it and tried searching for a way to update. (I want the breast slider! And to be able to download stuff)

I tried to download my game on my Origin account but it claims that it's "already in use" and I don't get it because this has been my only origin account. Maybe it's under a different email from 2013? Oh and now the launcher won't even open so I can't play. 🤦🏻‍♀️

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Re: How to get my Sims 3 disc game onto Origin?

@riahbrenda  Your game very well could be on a different Origin account under a different email.  The fastest way to check is to enter the old address(es) in Origin's login popup and then click "I forgot my password."  Any address associated with an old account will get a password reset email.


For the launcher being blank, the fix is usually to clear the cache for Internet Explorer.  Even if you never use it, the game and launcher do for some purposes.  Be sure to uncheck the box to preserve data for favorite sites.


I don't know exactly why the launcher won't open now, unless you tried to update via Origin and broke your install.  You can try pulling your entire Sims 3 game folder out of Documents\Electronic Arts to see if it helps.  But if your install was patched incorrectly, it might be best to uninstall and start over.  You don't need Origin to patch the game; just run the Super Patch, which will bring you to patch 1.67.


The only differences between that and a 1.69/Origin install are that on the latter, you need to sign into Origin to play, and your launcher will have a pack selector that allows you to disable certain packs for a given game session.  The game itself plays the same on either patch.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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