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How do we get real Customer Support Again

by savuti

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How do we get real Customer Support Again

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My EA Help page is still showing up. My Old case numbers are showing up but the only help I can get is from this forum? I need to speak to a Technical Advisor about this "Access Denied" business and error 000 . Origin suggests uninstalling and re-installing an updated version but they want to direct me to the South African site..Just because at this moment in time I am playing from Botswana..My basegame and first EP's were purchased in the US My Katy Perry Limited Edition was a UK purchase and caused me to be banned from the Showtime section of the Community (because of Origin) "insufficient Privileges" only after having my issues referred to to a Senior Technical Advisor at EA help who put a "code" in my game was I able to play again. I subsequently patched up successfully to 1.4 now this latest patch has put me back to square one..Why can we not get expert proper advice when we need it? Savuti 6

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Re: How do we get real Customer Support Again

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You can reach support here

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