How do I update the Sims 4?

by straddles

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How do I update the Sims 4?

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This probably seems like a silly question but I cannot figure out how to udpate my SIms 4. I have no idea where to go to update it. Is it in the actual game or when I login to Origin. Can't find it! Someone please help.


Thank you in advance.


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Re: How do I update the Sims 4?

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To update the game, you will need to:

  • Go to your Game Library in Origin
  • Find the Sims 4
  • Right-click the Sims 4
  • Click "Check for Updates"
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Re: How do I update the Sims 4?

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When I try to update the sims 4 it says, download failed no matter what wifi I am on. I believe it may be my computer, i have also tried repairing it and it says the same thing.

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Re: How do I update the Sims 4?

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Maybe it's not your computer but some problem with your Origin
Uninstall Origin in the "add / remove programs" option
Download Origin once more from here
and install it.
I don't work for EA

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Re: How do I update the Sims 4?

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@kreator I can't update the sims 4 after I download a pack.
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Re: How do I update the Sims 4?

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Hi @CookieArtist,

This thread is a few years old. There's been a few patches and updates since this thread was first made making it unlikely this issue is caused by the same thing. Could you pop open a new thread please and include what you're seeing at the moment as well as what steps you've already tried to help the game update. We'll close this thread out in the meantime to limit necroposting.

Thank you,


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