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How do I register sims 3 expansions on origin without a code

by LBug2001

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How do I register sims 3 expansions on origin without a code

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Hi, so I recently got a new laptop because, well tax's are over, and I wanted to load up my sims 3 since I now have a faster portable computer instead of one were I had to pray that it would turn on since the monitor is tricky. So when I downloaded Origin and logged onto my account that was on my old computer my saves were wiped clean and the only thing that was on there was a new sims 3 game with nothing saved. It's been years since the last time I had the codes to these expansion packs because I was young and didn't think I would need to use them since I had a desktop computer and they were safe on there. I've been reading on the forums and some said that you had to register your games onto origin to transfer the expansion packs through computers. Is there a way the grab files through the saves on the computer itself to use as proof, because i no longer have the codes. 


Thank you so much in advance, this really helps.  Standard smile 

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moving sims 3 expansion pac

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Hi, so I have had the Sims 3 game, along with 4 expansion packs on my old computer for a couple years and recently got a new laptop. When I tried to log on to the new computer thorugh my account on origin everything was fine other than the fact that my expansion packs and saves from my previous computer being gone. The only thing that was on the origin account was a new Sims 3 account that didn't have any saves on it. I went through the process of downloading my saves from my old computer onto a flashdrive, and onto my new computer, but when I went to play almost all of the save files were blocked out saying that they were unplayable because I didn't have the expansion pack anymore. I have the sims 3 original, ambitions, pets, supernatural, and seasons. I'm fine if I can't revive the saves that i had on my old computer, I just want to be able to play the game that I spent money on. And I have checked to make sure that it is the same account as well. If there's anything you guys can do over there it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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Re: How do I register sims 3 expansions on origin without a code

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@LBug2001  Just to be clear, Origin will only list the Sims 3 base game in your library.  To see the packs, click on the base game icon and then More > Expansion Packs (or Stuff Packs), and scroll to where each of the packs you own is listed.  Once the base game is installed, you'll be able to download any packs owned by your account.


The only ways to get your packs onto your new computer are to install via disc or download from Origin; just transferring the program files isn't going to work.  But you can probably still find the codes on your old computer.  Here's how:





Edit:  I just saw your other post, so I merged them.  (It's best to keep everything in one place.)  Your saves will probably be fine if you can get your packs installed on your new computer.  One reason they might not be showing up though is if you originally installed via disc and only later let Origin control your install.  In that case, you might not have needed to specifically register your packs, or at least it used to be possible to use disc copies without having the packs registered to your account, even in an Origin-managed install.


If you find the codes but they already read as used, your best bet is to contact EA customer support and ask what happened to your content.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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