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Household not loading properly

by DaniielleLouiise

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Household not loading properly

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Hi simmers.. I recently started playing Sims 4 and downloaded some mods, I also used a well known mod detector to help me get rid of the faulty ones and then went on to build my house. Everything worked fine until I tried to play with the family I created as I couldn't load the household. I then tried putting the household onto an empty lot and then adding the house in through the gallery afterwards - this appeared to work. I managed to get the sims in the house but then they wouldn't go into any of the rooms within the house, even if there was an archway instead of a door so I tried replacing all the doors and archways - nothing Frown ... I then read that taking the family to a park and then taking them home helps so I tried but when I tried to send them home, they went, but I couldn't get onto the house. I kept being sent back to menu with the worlds on.

I'm so stuck on what to do and would really appreciate any help!

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Re: Household not loading properly


HI @DaniielleLouiise 


sounds like you still have some cc/mods that are outdated and not working properly. The mod detector only detects conflicts between the mods/cc, not conflicts between the game and mods/cc


Try removing the entire mods folder and delete your localthumbcache file and see if it works then (create a backup of your save cause your game will be stripped from all cc/mods)


If it works that way , use the 50/50 method: to identify the problem cc/mod

Happy Gaming


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Please only contact me via PM when asked to do so.

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