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Re: Head of Family Achievement not flagging

by pepsinisse

Original Post

Head of Family Achievement not flagging

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Can anyone tell me if this achievement is still doable? Everything I have read is from years ago. It is the only achievement from the base game I have not been able to get, and it is completely frustrating. I really do not like playing multi-family homes or children, so trying this over and over again has been torture. I use no mods or CC, and have only the base game installed.

Here are my attempts so far:
Creating a couple in CAS, having a child with them, and aging child to adult using the cake. The first time it was a male, so I just had him go all over town impregnating everyone he saw. Made sure original couple was still alive, and that all 30 grandchildren were listed as grandchildren in the family tree.

Second try, same as above but got a female child. I aged her up and found her a husband, so both sets of couples were living in the same house. I gave the female the fertile trait and started pumping out children. To make it go faster, I neglected the children so that services would take them away and I could get started again. Again, all 30 children showed as the original Sims grandchildren, but still did not flag.

On the third try, I did the exact same as above, but instead of getting the children taken away, I aged them up and moved them out when they were old enough. This time I got to almost 50 grandchildren before I gave up.

This past try, I created an adult father and teen son. Let the son age up, sent him all over town Trying for Baby with everyone. I ended up with 41 grandchildren, 36 of them actually showing as the father's grandchildren in the family tree. I turned aging on so the father was now an elder, and all 36 grandchildren are actually children.


The try I am on now: Created an adult female with teenage son.  Set all the age groups to 2 days, except for young adult, adult, and elder.  As soon as the teen Sim aged up I got him a girlfriend.  Instead of trying with multiple women at the same time like I have done in the past, I kept doing the Try For Baby with the same girlfriend until her house was full.  Then they would break up, and he would start again with a new girlfriend. It seems for every few grandchildren listed as grandchildren in the family tree, another one would lose that tag.  I have no idea why that happens, or if it affects the flag.  I would just keep going until I had more than 30 actually SHOWING as grandchildren in the family tree. 

I have not rotated households during play, I am using only humans, no mods, no cc, only used resetsim once when dad got stuck in a wall. Please tell me if there is something I need to be doing, because I HATE this style of play and I am only doing it for the achievement. I would much rather be having fun than doing this nonsense. Was there a patch or something that makes this not possible any more?

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Re: Head of Family Achievement not flagging

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Hopeful bump.


Really desperate here.  This is the complete opposite of my preferred play style and I really cannot express clearly enough how much I am hating having to play this over and over again just to get this last achievement.  


Please, can't anyone help?

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Re: Head of Family Achievement not flagging

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I am finding it hard to believe that in 10 days not one single person can help me or even reply to my problem.  Absolutely no one else has had this issue?  No one at all has completed this recently and can let me know if it still works?  I have posted on the actual Sims forums under general and technical sections and can get no help what so ever.  I find it very difficult to believe in a community as tight as the Sims community is that I can beg for help for almost a month and just get nowhere with it.

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Re: Head of Family Achievement not flagging

Hero (Retired)

@piperbird I'm sorry to hear that you've had problems with getting an answer. I saw this on the old forums ( source here ) let me know if it helps:


I had the same problem, unlocked 15 children no problem but 30 grandchildren wasn't unlocking and I worked it out, I know have the achievement.

First check the two obvious things:

- Must be ALL human family
- Must never change active household during the whole process

Now this achievement also requires the 'grandmother' to be head of the house. What does that mean I hear you ask!

While we can't see it the game nominates a head of the house, the owner of the house if you like and this person is generally the oldest member. My problem was the great grandmother wouldn't die lol She was 105, her daughter was the grandmother with 30 grandchildren, but because the great grandmother was still alive the game wouldn't register the achievement.

Problem was I had moved the great grandmother out with a whole bunch of children to make room, plus she wasn't dying! I ended up having to move her back in, kill her off so all her belongings was passed on to the new home owner, which in my case the grandmother with 30 grandchildren.

After that I adopted one last child, the 31st grandchild which triggered the achievement.

Nightmare YES but at least we know now!


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Re: Head of Family Achievement not flagging

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I have seen that before, thank you.  


It isn't much help with my problem, but it actually makes me feel a ton better that at least someone finally responded.  I was feeling so invisible!


Thank you a lot. Standard smile

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Re: Head of Family Achievement not flagging

Hero (Retired)

I think people probably didn't respond because they didn't know the answer. 


I'm going to tag @rumbutter here - any ideas please

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Re: Head of Family Achievement not flagging

[ Edited ]
Hero (Retired)

helooooo all sadly no no ideas i don't bother with the achievements anymore  due to the fact some where done away with and where either bugged  and just not working at all one possibility  i can think of though is that while playing that specific game you may need to be logged into the game while playing to record the births and may not work while off line brb and will edit this post to see if i find info on that in a search


edit to add not much shows up in searches for this achievement and is dated to 2012  but see here page 12 post by SimGuruJekyll

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Re: Head of Family Achievement not flagging

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Thank you so much for responding!


I guess I just have to accept this is broken now.  I wish EA didn't abandon their games so quickly.  TS4 is so awful with the glitches and basic things missing that I had to come back to TS3.  So many people have gone back to TS3 or still play it.  I would think EA might have some staff that works with it.

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Re: Head of Family Achievement not flagging

Hero (Retired)

IKR yeah i never stopped playing TS3 even when TS4 came out  i still played TS3 and yes i do agree some basics are missing from TS4 maybe in time the dev's will add them

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Re: Head of Family Achievement not flagging

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Giving life to this old thread. Been struggeling with this achievement for a while and actually got it just a minute ago thanks to this thread.


I made a new save in Sunset Valley. Created a family of 2 elders and their son.

The son adopted 5 children. Kicked him out with his 5 kids.

Adopted a new child, aged him up with the cake. Had him adopt 5 kids.

Repeated until I had 30 grandchildren. And achievement not triggering.

Found this thread and read @SandArcher 's post.


My family now: The two elders and their adopted child with his 5 kids still living in the house.

I invited over the first original son from when I created the household. Put him and the grandfather in a room with a fireplace and rugs just to kill them off.


When they died I kicked out everyone but the grandmother. She is now almost 90.

And when she was alone she got abducted by aliens... but I don't think that matters.

She then adopted a 7th child, which wasn't a grandchild. Then I got the achievement.



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