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Having an issue fertilizing plants

by sondajay

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Having an issue fertilizing plants

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I'm having a problem since the last February 2020 update with fertilizing my plants.I used to be able to pause the game, fertilize 7 or 8 plants using the same fish or poop or snapdragon etc, un-pause then move onto the next 7 or 8. now i can't even fertilize 2 plants on pause as the second plant isn't showing up as fertilized. so i could fertilize the same plant 3 times and it won't be faded out, but it is using my fish that i fertilized it with? so now i'm having to pause, fertilize one plant and then harvest a plant b4 i can fertilize another plant. It's a nightmare and taking so long to achieve anything. Please, please ,please is there anything that can be done to fix this?

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Re: Having an issue fertilizing plants

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@sondajay It is a known fact and it is already reported as a bug. EA is probably working on it. For the time being there is a workaround for your problem. Try to use a different fertilizer for each second plant or let your sim make a short move. It takes a lot longer but you can still make a sequence fertilizing your sims plants.
Good luck.
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Re: Having an issue fertilizing plants

@sondajay Here's the bug report for this:

Best to me too that and post there if you have anything to add

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