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Hair/Eyelash Glitch Live Mode

by bertltolt

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Re: Hair/Eyelash Glitch Live Mode

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Did u download it off of origin try to repair it

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Re: Hair/Eyelash Glitch Live Mode

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Hi @sadie_rose7777 


So I've had the same issue as you and I couldn't find anyone who has the same problem, I went to the Kijik page and there it told me to look into my folders to see if there is anything wrong with the cc. Later I found out that I have kijik downloads in a couple folders, I deleted the duplications and my problem was solved. So look into your mods folder to see if you have duplications of the download, if yes delete the duplication

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Re: Hair/Eyelash Glitch Live Mode

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@crinrict I used your method and it worked! It was in conflict with other mod. Thank you!!
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