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Re: HELP WITH SIMS 3 Proposal!

by mmikelake

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HELP WITH SIMS 3 Proposal!

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I need help with my sims 3! I have a male and a female sim who live together, and have for a while, They do every romantic option about 3 times daily! They Proposed going slow when they were just teens, one of them is a Hopeless Romantic which I made him after hearing that it helps with proposal. Their Relationship bar is full (It would be way over if it could.) And yet it wont let me propose! And YES I'm Doing it when they say all of the things in the left top corner, For example I have done it when they are feeling flirty, when the other one thinks the other is "Okay," When they find each other irresistible, and dreamily irresistible, AND STILL THERE IS NO PROPOSE OPTION!!! I have done everything I can find like I've done stuff on Yahoo and all sorts of other stuff. And yet there is no propose option! If anyone can help me Please Do!!!!

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Re: HELP WITH SIMS 3 Proposal!

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they got to be young adults / adults or elders to  get married not teens also they need to propos to go steady, another one is they must be extremely inrissable or higher

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Re: HELP WITH SIMS 3 Proposal!

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My sims are young adults, and they have proposed going steady


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Re: HELP WITH SIMS 3 Proposal!

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if i remember correctly you need to buy a ring for your sims to propose. after that you should be able to propose.

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Re: HELP WITH SIMS 3 Proposal!

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Sorry for interjecting here, but there is no ring to purchase involved whatsoever.


I've ran into this same problem occasionally, but off the top of my head, I don't recall how it was resolved.  Sorry I can't be more helpful here, but just also wanted to make sure you weren't getting misinformation either.


Perhaps someone else can weigh in here as well.


A couple things off the top of my head:  making sure your home has the room to accommodate the additonal family member, making sure neither has the 'commitment issues' trait, or you could try just resetting them.  (Make sure they're in their home town, press Ctrl+Shift+C and type in ResetSim <first name> <lastname>).  If they're already standing in their home, the reset isn't going to move them anywhere, so it's worth a shot.


Best of luck to you.

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Re: HELP WITH SIMS 3 Proposal!

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thank you for correcting me. i wasnt 100% i was remembering the right version or even game. it has been a long while sense i played the game.

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