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Re: HELP, Can't upload my sims to sims 3 exchange!

by Its_All_Pollux

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HELP, Can't upload my sims to sims 3 exchange!

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I am having a major issue with uploading my sims to the Sims 3 Exchange. I have tried renaming the sims and sharing them again only to upload them from my launcher and it says upload successful..... just to log in to my sims 3 account and the sims not be in my studio. I have tried unistalling my game and re-installing, still tells me in the launcher that my upload was successful but once I log into my account the sims are not in my studio. I read that if the file is too large it won't upload. That cannot be true because the sims currently on my studio range from 30MB-100MB or more. The sims I have been trying to upload the passed few months range from 50MB-80MB. The last sim I got to successfully upload to my studio was May 2020. That's when I started having issues where only some sims were uploading and others were not. Now its to the point where NO sims upload at all. I have also deleted old sims on my studio to open up some space and that did not work either. I see that there is sims being uploaded just about every day to the exchange that have plenty of custom content. All my sims have custom content, all including the ones that I already have on my studio. So that can't be the issue either. I tried live chatting with someone and they gave me a lot of tips but it was everything I have already tried on my own with no success so they told me to post on here in hopes of someone finding an answer. I upload my sims to my studio for the sole purpose of keeping them safe. I have had multiple crashes over the years and having to wipe my computer clean and lose all my sims. I can only get them back from re-downloading them from my studio. But lately I can't even do that and I have lost many sims that I could not upload to my studio. If anyone has had this problem and has resolved it please let me know! Thank you! 

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Re: HELP, Can't upload my sims to sims 3 exchange!

@Mycailin  Can you upload a sim with no custom content attached?  It would be a useful test to see whether the issue is your cc or something else.


If that doesn't make a difference, try clearing the cache for Internet Explorer.  Even if you never use it, the launcher does for some purposes.  I don't actually know whether it affects uploads, but given the other issues a stale IE cache can cause, it's worth trying.  Be sure to uncheck the box to preserve data for favorite sites.


If that doesn't help either, please move your entire Sims 3 folder out of Documents\Electronic Arts and onto your desktop.  Open the launcher to create a new folder, move one file from Exports in the old folder to Exports in the new folder, and see whether it uploads.


By the way, you can back up your sims, or anything else you want to keep (saves, saved builds, anything in your Sims 3 user data folder) on an external hard drive.  The files are easily transferred between internal and external drives, and external storage is relatively cheap these days.  You could also use cloud storage: many services (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.) offer a certain amount of storage for free.


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Re: HELP, Can't upload my sims to sims 3 exchange!

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Hi @Mycailin 


Like you, I am also having problems with uploaded sims3 items, which fail to display,  either on the exchange or my profile library.


Having renamed the items to successfully reupload, only to find out  the items are nowhere to be found on the sims 3 site.  


Rest IE

Verified cache

restart browser

restart game


With no luck


All the best to you,  and if you find a solution, please re post,  because it be SUPER helpfuL!



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