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Gifting Lucky Palms

by oliviaajoh

Original Post

Gifting Lucky Palms

★★ Novice

Hello. A girl have tried gifting lucky palms twice. It doesnt show and her points havent gone down but it says in my messenges that she has gifted it. What is wrong?

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Re: Gifting Lucky Palms

@oliviaajoh  From what I understand, the gifting process isn't all that reliable.  Have you clicked on the message to redeem the gift?  There should be a link in the mssage.


If that doesn't work, you and she should both clear your browser caches, including the one for Internet Explorer (unless you're on macs).  Even if you don't use it, the store does for some purposes.  Be sure to uncheck the box to preserve data for favorites.


You both could also try a different browser.  Neither Safari nor Chrome works all that well with the store.  Firefox is usually fine, though.


P.S.  It sounds like you have quite a nice friend there.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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Re: Gifting Lucky Palms

★★ Novice

Hi! I have and we both tried clearing. It shows up under messeges but not where i should be able to download it. Yes she is very Nice. She went loco on the sale and bought to many sim points so she gifts me stuff!

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Re: Gifting Lucky Palms

@oliviaajoh  I'm sorry if I can't describe exactly how this is supposed to work; it's hard for me to remember how exactly I managed to accept a gift.  But I'm pretty sure that when I got the message, there was one link to the friend who sent it to me, and another that led to the product page and (I think) activated the gift itself.  Does the message have embedded links at all?  Which browsers have you tried?


What I do know is that the store acts up on occasion, and gifts don't always go through.  If the gift still won't go though tomorrow, please post back, and I'll ask one of the community managers to look into the issue.  (It might have to wait until Monday, depending on who's around, but I'll definitely pass along this thread as soon as I can.)


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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Re: Gifting Lucky Palms

★★ Novice

It does have Links, but they dont work either. I tried safari on my phone and internet Explorer on my computer. Thanks a LOT!

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Re: Gifting Lucky Palms

Community Manager

Hi @oliviaajoh, there is a helpful link on about gifts that may help. Can I ask after a day has passed, has the item shown for you? Standard smile If not could you see if it is showing in your friends purchase history please? Standard smile If it isn't showing in the purchase history could you try it again and see if there's any error messages showing up. 


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