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Get To Work crash

by reionnalynne

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Get To Work crash

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I'm seeing that others are having similar types of problems, but I haven't seen one that is acting like mine specifically, so I thought I'd start a new post.


I updated my game with the basements patch, and bought Get To Work. The game starts to load in "windowed" version (which I never use), but as soon as it shows the plumbob with the messages underneath, my music will cut out, and then the game will completely shut down.


At first, I could only tell it had crashed because I could still see my toolbar, and when I scrolled over the Sims icon, it said "The Sims 4 (Not Responding)" and I had to force it closed. Then, a box started popping up that said:


                               TS4.exe Application Error

           The instruction at 0x00d1ac5a referenced memory at 0x000000000. The memory could not be read


Now, I'm not even getting that. It just says "Not responding. The application has encountered a problem and will close. Windows is checking for a solution."


I don't know if this can be solved by another patch--I'm assuming that, since so many people are having crashing issues with Get To Work, they'll put one out--or if it's something wrong with my computer specifically.


I already run Origin, and my computer, as the administrator (I had to do this to get TS4 to download when it first came out). I downloaded the Beta version of Origin, uninstalled and re-installed both Origin and The Sims, removed CC and mods, restarted my computer, updated my drivers, and have followed all other solutions I've seen posted. My computer more than meets the requirements of the game, so I don't know what else to do. Is anyone else having this problem?





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Re: Get To Work crash


Sounds like a hardware issue, maybe.

Can you do a chkdsk and hardware check on your computer.

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