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Re: Get Famous "Hair and Makeup" interaction glitched

by Heather_Dianne6

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Get Famous "Hair and Makeup" interaction glitched

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My sim shows up to her gig and one of the interactions is to get into hair and makeup. She sits down in the chair and the makeup artist does her makeup and then her hair. She doesn't like the hair, and she shakes her head. Normally when this happens, the artist would redo the hair. But this doesn't happen. The sim gets out of the chair and the interaction is not completed. I tell her to start the interaction over with by clicking on the chair again but they never finish the action. This is her third or fourth gig and this has never happened before. I do have CC installed and MCCC but everything except for MCCC was installed prior to me getting Get Famous. I removed MCCC entirely to see if that was the problem but it wasn't. I plan on removing all of my CC to see if it will work but I honestly doubt that this was the issue, as I haven't added any new CC since I got the pack and this issue only came up after the 3rd or 4th gig. I wanted to post this in case anyone else is having the same issue. I am also attaching the save file in case anyone wants to see if they can duplicate the problem. The sim, Juliana, has her gig in less than an hour from where the save should pick up.



EDIT: Okay guys! So, last night the gurus sent out an emergency patch for the game. It did not say that it fixed this issue, however when I loaded up the game this morning to try again, the issue was gone. I had my sim sit in the chair for hair and makeup and it went through without a problem and the task completed. It's very possible that the interaction had been broken by the same bug that caused another glitch that was fixed in the patch. So far, this seemed fixed for me. However, I want to see if anyone else has the issue still before I accept the patch as the solution. Let me know!

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Re: Get Famous "Hair and Makeup" interaction glitched

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I posted in the bug forum, so those of you who are having this problem, please go to my post and check 'me too' so they know multiple people are experiencing this



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Re: Get Famous "Hair and Makeup" interaction glitched

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UPDATE: I removed all CC and the problem persisted. So as far as I am concerned, it has nothing to do with CC. It could be due to the patch that came today?

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Re: Get Famous "Hair and Makeup" interaction glitched

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UPDATE: Repairing the game also did not fix it

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Re: Get Famous "Hair and Makeup" interaction glitched

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Haven't seen any other reports on this yet but I'll check your save later.



checked your save, had no issues (she was happy about it the first time though)



Try resetting your user files as described in the factory reset described in this post:


You won't loose anything. Just make sure to not delete any files  and make a backup.


After renaming, repair your game by right clicking on the game in Origin.


Try on a new game with nothing added back first (start new game). If it works, put back your save game and try again. If it still works, you can start putting stuff back.


  • Options.ini (or just re-set all your settings manually)
  • Tray Folder
  • Screenshots/Videos/Custom music
  • Rest of the save games (leave out which is the autosave and no longer needed - if you still have it)
  • Custom content like clothing, hair, skins, make up ....
  • Mods (one by one, making sure they all still work)

The rest does not need putting back, cause they are mostly cache files that recreate or log files that are not needed for the game.

Happy Gaming


I don't work or have any association with EA. I give advice to the best of my knowledge and cannot be held responsible for any damage done to your computer/game.

Please only contact me via PM when asked to do so.

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Re: Get Famous "Hair and Makeup" interaction glitched

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I had the same problem! It was fine before the patch 

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Re: Get Famous "Hair and Makeup" interaction glitched

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I had this exact issue (and repeatedly getting hair/makeup done just got me weirder combinations of both). I was able to get into costume and tell the director I was ready and I got the prompts for the scenes, but I was only able to complete the gig with silver (which annoys me, because I’ve always gotten gold in the past). 


I also removed over all my mods & cc, repaired and the problem persisted. Frown 

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Re: Get Famous "Hair and Makeup" interaction glitched

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It does make me feel a bit better to know that other people are also experiencing this. I have a big hunch that this was due to the patch. I've Tweeted to SimGuruNick about this. Hopefully there will be a fix in the next patch!

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Re: Get Famous "Hair and Makeup" interaction glitched

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I hope so, too! My female sim at one of the “earlier” talent agencies had the hardest time — that was the one I just moved through as many stages as I could,) but for my male sim, “hair & makeup” took two tries and then it kicked thru. It’s frustrating because the only difference between my game yesterday and today was the patch. 

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Re: Get Famous "Hair and Makeup" interaction glitched

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I’ve been having the same problem on a Mac with a lot of cc. I had the Get Hair and Makeup Done interaction work if I got into costume first. I haven’t tried it a second time, but I hope that might help

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Re: Get Famous "Hair and Makeup" interaction glitched

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I started having this issue too! I solved it using the debug interaction (holding shift while clicking on the sim or object, a debug option appears). After this when I retried the hair and makeup action, I was able to complete the task. Hope it works for you as well!

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