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Game will not save after I come home from vacation!

by Anonymous

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Game will not save after I come home from vacation!

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Okay everyone, this is the first time this has ever happened to me. I'll cut to the chase. My Sim had just finished completing an adventure in Egypt and her time was up and she had to go back home. Before I had her go home, I saved the game twice and everything was fine (in Egypt). When she got back home (Apaloosa Plains), I went to save the game, it got stuck saving.


First of all, I run my game on a 2 terabyte external drive so, I know I have more than enough space for my game - my computer is fairly new; about 2 years old. I also have about <50 pieces of custom content (mostly clothing and hairstyles) so, I doubt that affected anything since running my game without CC wasn't any different, performance-wise.

I surprisingly have not received any error messages, either. 


At this point, I have tried EVERYTHING I know of to salvage my game. I have searched everywhere for a possible fix but, I feel like something in my game (possibly within Apaloosa Plains) has compromised any further saves.


Here is a list of things I have tried solely and/or in combination of one another with each save attempt:


-Performed a game "Factory Reset" 

-Renamed save files extensions from x.sim3.backup to x.sim3

-Moved save files into a "new game" (where no custom content was installed)

-Ran the Master Controller to "Reset Town" in Apaloosa Plains

-Removed the Master Controller, ErrorTrap and Overwatch mods

-Ran the Delphy Dashboard file clean-up to get rid of any "corrupted" files 

-Tried to save in "Edit Town" mode as well as live mode

-Tried to save under different names

-Tried to "save as", "save", and "save and quit"

-Deleted cache files before each game start-up

-Made sure my "saves" folder in documents doesn't contain any saves with the extension .bad

-Tried to "Repair" and "Update" my base game in Origin

-Uninstalled and re-installed the game and expansions


I feel like I am at a loss and frankly, am starting to lose hope. Is my game a lost cause? Please help! Frown



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