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Game Installation Help

by Caligalgirl

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Game Installation Help

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So I am pretty usless with computers but have had the Sims 3 for a while and never any challenging problems with it. My Sims 3 Island Paradise game was scratched, and was no longer working. After trying and failing to "repair" it, I thought I would just buy the online Origin version of the game. The game is showing in my Origin "My Games" section, and when I click play it will open the Sims 3 game launcher. However, it does not ask for a game authenticity code as it says it will, and when I try to press play it says the disk is missing. Does anyone know how to fix this? 

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Re: Game Installation Help

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Do not fret anymore! The best solution I could give you is that when you go to your Origin account and to you "My games" section minimize that screen, click on your Sims 3 launcher, minimize that, unminimize your Origin "My games" page, click and drag your Sims 3 Paradise Game to your Sims 3 Launcher tab. After the Launcher will go to full screen and you then need to drag it to the "Installments" section and drop it there. Then, try to install. If that doesn't work, then redo everythign I just told you but instead of dragging it to the "Installments" section you need to drag it to the "Downloads" section, checkmark it, and click download. I'm very sorry if none of that works it's the best I can tell you because I am good with computers, but, I'm only an 8th grader so my knowledge is limited about this kind of stuff. :catwink:

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Re: Game Installation Help

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In selecting the games, I am unable to drag them to the Sims launcher, but thank you so much for the response

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Re: Game Installation Help


Right click on the game in Origin and try repair install.

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I don't work or have any association with EA. I give advice to the best of my knowledge and cannot be held responsible for any damage done to your computer/game.

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