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Re: Game Freezing

by puzzlezaddict

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Game Freezing

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Hello, my game has been freezing as well. I just bought this gaming laptop ( Lenovo Legion y520) to play comfortably, and installed my sims (I have many expansion packs as well). It used to freeze for hours on my old laptop, but on this one it started freezing as well. ıt is hard to move between characters, change the speed, change the modes etc. I cannot play it. Please Help me.

Here is my dxdiag info.

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Re: Game Freezing

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the only slight 'fix' is to play on stationary computer or remove expansion packs. the game is horribly programmed especially when it comes to ai pathfinding which slows the game down alot. are also problems with rendering things.


can shut down all weather effects if you got seasons. can help abit

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Re: Game Freezing

@zish-irm  Sims 3 should run fine on this computer, even on ultra settings.  But there are plenty of potential causes of the lag you're describing, so it's necessary to start narrowing things down.  First, go into Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3 and open deviceconfig.log.  About 25 lines down, you'll see an entry for the graphics card the game is using.  Please make sure it lists your Nvidia 1050 ti, not the integrated Intel chip; if you see the Intel, let me know.


If that's not the issue, what world are you currently playing in?  Some are poorly made, and others are too large to run well for any length of time.  Do you have mods or custom content installed?  Bad versions of either one could drag down performance significantly.


As a test, pull your entire TS3 game folder out of Documents\EA and onto your desktop.  When you launch the game, a clean folder will spawn with no content.  Play around in Sunset Valley or Twinbrook for a while, looking for signs of lag or freezing, and let me know how it goes.


One more thing to check is your in-game frame rates.  Open the cheats console (crtl-shift-c) and enter "fps on" without quotes.  A number will appear in the upper right corner of your screen ("fps off" makes it go away).  It should never go above 60, the refresh rate of your screen.  If it's too high, it could certainly contribute to the issues you're seeing.  It's easy enough to bring down in-game frame rates, and it should absolutely be done for the overall health of your laptop.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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