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Re: Game Files Corrupted?

by roberta591

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Game Files Corrupted?

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I went to go and delete some world files from my Sims 3 game to make it a little less laggy hopefully, and when my computer started to delete the files, it said they were corrupted and couldn't be deleted. I tried deleting other files and even the whole game, but everything was corrupted. We did have a power outage and when the power finally came back on, it came up with a message saying the computer got messed up and was trying to find what went wrong. I don't know if that's what's wrong with it and I should try to get technical support, or if you guys could help me with this.


Thanks in Advance.

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Re: Game Files Corrupted?

@Bubble_Goatz   Ommm...   Well you really need to post information about your computer first. First WHY are you trying to delete files. If you can't delete through the game DO NOT delete files unless you really really know what you are deleting!!!   Did you make backups of what you deleted? The problem right now is it is unknown whether the game or the operating system is corrupted. You may even have hardware issues due to a power surge. Post your dxdiag please.


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