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Gallery showing my own build as original by someone else

by LauseBrown

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Gallery showing my own build as original by someone else

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I was playing around with the new pack, and started out with a house I downloaded from the gallery. I got bored of it, and cleared the whole lot, deciding to build my own, so that it would fit what I want. When I was finally done(it took me so many hours) I wanted to share it on the gallery. I did, but it showed up with a tag "Original by" and the creator of the house I started out playing in. My house has nothing to do with her creation, and as I said, I didn't just remove the house, I bulldozed the lot. Is there any way to fix this? I want this to go on the gallery, and it sucks that it shows up to be someone elses


Thank you for any help you can offer


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Re: Gallery showing my own build as original by someone else

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There were four things to do before you started building your home. You only did one. You bulldozed the house. The next step should be leveling the terrain and the next most important - changing the name of this lot.
After changing the name of the lot, you should go to the city map. When you will return from the City map to your future construction site, no trace will remain after the house from the Gallery.
This does not apply to the original game houses created by Maxis.

I don't work for EA
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