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Re: Gallery Issues

by irinanecula

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Re: empty gallery ?

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@SassiLassi thanks a lot ! I never thought about something as simple as that Disappointed

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Re: empty gallery ?

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The gallery has been running much better, but I think the real test will be over the weekend. Since it's been back up I personally haven't seen more than 45k users online, so it's hard to say what will happen at 70k+...


And while we are still talking about gallery issues, I implore you to do more to protect the original  creators. 'Original By' is nice, but it just doesn't cut it. 

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Re: empty gallery ?

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I have a little question, i have game version 1.44.83. I want to update patch 1.46, but i am afraid that i become issues. I always (most) play my game offline.


Can i expect issues when i saves my self build houses and selfmade sims and maybe problems when i will placed own houses/lots and own sims? 


I am looking all internet, but i can not found information of that after the Maintenance. Can anyone guarantee that there are no problems anymore with gallery or my library?


Thank you very much, i hope on a reaction.

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Re: empty gallery ?

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We cannot guarantee there won't be problems. There's a lot of factors that come into play.


If you haven't updated to the current game patch - PC, you might try backing up the Sims 4 folder to your desktop or a USB drive for safe keeping, then try updating.


When I do updates, I backup my Sims 4 folder, delete the current one. Launch the game to create a new Sims 4 folder and then copy over these files and folders, checking all mods and custom content to make sure they're up to date with the current patch. As outdated mods/cc can cause a lot of issues.


- Options.ini (User game settings)
- Tray Folder (Sims/Houses/Commercial lots and rooms)
- Screenshots/Videos/Custom music
- Saves Folder
(leave out which is the autosave. It is not used anymore.)
- Custom content like clothing, hair, skins, and makeup
- Mods (Put these back one by one to make sure they all still work)

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Re: empty gallery ?

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Yes i always make a backup of the Sims 4 folder. But when i do the patchupdate and it goes wrong, i can not back, because the update 1.46. I can not back to gameversion 1.44.83.
Thanks for your reaction and sorry for my bad english.

I have also a answer from an EA community Manager in my own language. He says the Gallery now works as it should.

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Re: Gallery Issues

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Why does my Sims 4 Gallery show no uploads? I have uploaded 111 items? This really hurts my feelings. I wanted to share these items and now no one can see them. Judilander.

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Re: Gallery Issues

Community Manager
Hi @Judiland,

I just searched by your ID and could see your uploads:

You might want to try again now, in case it was a one time issue, or review your filters Standard smile

Let us know how it goes!
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Re: Gallery Issues

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If you can't see your uploads in your catalogue on profile in Gallery from game it is becouse of error in configuration setings in your game folder. It can be repair;
To find your old works in the Gallery from game among other people's works its should be always be tagged with your nickname before sending.

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Re: Gallery Issues

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Some of the same problems are occurring again and some new ones too. This is what I've noticed recently:


 When first opening the gallery nothing works except the newsfeed. If you try to use the feed to comment or fav you get the "unable to process at this time".


 Trying to open the other community pages gives the spinning plumbob for longer than typical time and then finally "no results found"


Also upon opening my & others profile page the counts at the top right defaults to 99999 followers, etc. The profile showcase says "you have not showcased or shared any items" (yes, I have) and the creator's catalog won't populate when we click "view catalog".


Uploading a creation during this time also gives an error but turns out the creation was actually uploaded and randomly shows up at some point in a 24 hour period. If you try to re-share immediately after the error message you are adding duplicates of the same creation to the gallery unknowingly.


All the above happen upon initial opening of the game approx. 80% of the time for me but also depending on total on line population. If I stay connected either creating or playing these problems eventually resolve themselves within 5 - 30 minutes (sometimes longer). I notice this is happening mainly when there are over 100k people on line.


Lastly there is a serious problem with the favs. Even when it seems like the gallery is operating properly 90% of my fav clicks are not staying active. I've asked my fellow simmers & many are experiencing this. What I mean is I go to a creation, click the heart to fave it and it turns green like I did fav it. If I visit the same creation again the next day the heart is not green/activated so I try to re-fav it. I don't even think that is working anymore as I've refaved some things 3-4 times now. I've noticed this problem for about a month.





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Re: Gallery Issues

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Gosh! This is happening to my either but even worse. It even affects my live mode but build mode works very fine. My only solution was to play offline mode and is bugging less. It started suddenly while playing Sims. It is a nightmare! Imagine to pay so many packs for nothing and I am only <removed>! EA or Origin MUST fix this problem.


(Post edited by CM)

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