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Is the Gallery down? Again?

by LexiTheGlambert

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Re: The gallery isn't showing any results?

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I've just repaired my game and i'm seeing if that worked

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Re: "No Results Found" on the Gallery

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LOL sounds about right i have left it alone most of today.Loaded game about an hour ago finished house i was working on,went to upload it 10 mins ago and it's still trying to load and wont let me exit game.Going to have to restart my laptop to get out of sims 4 grrrrr

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Is the Gallery down? Again?

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It doesn’t surprise me anymore, but is the gallery down? Again? I can’t load my profile? I can’t load the community, I can’t load any other profiles, etc. I post a series on my gallery page with two different households and I wanted to see which household I posted last and the description I put in the household I posted last, but I can’t. Thank you if you have some information, we Simmers appreciate it. Standard smile 

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Re: "No Results Found" on the Gallery

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It worked for a little bit last night but back to "no results" today. This is ridiculous. I really liked the new changes to the gallery but it does no good if you can't use it. 

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Re: Sims 4 Gallery Broken

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I am also having the same problem which seemed to have started today. It is quite annoying because I wanted to find a tree house for my gameplay. I really hope it is sorted out soon.

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Re: Gallery Issues

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Mine isn't working also!
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Re: Gallery Issues

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Mine has been down off and on all weekend too.  This is ridiculous.  I have spent lots of money on this game and expansions, do your job EA!  Holiday weekend or not, you should have someone always available to fix issues!  You want us to buy your stuff?  Take care of us when we do!

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Re: Gallery Issues

Community Manager
Hi everyone,

Thanks again for keeping us updated on what you are experiencing.

I've read some of you have been trying to repair or reinstall the game. I would like to clarify that unfortunately these troubleshooting steps won't help with this issue, so while they can be helpful in other situations, I wouldn't recommend trying them in this case.

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Re: Gallery Issues

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Thought there was something wrong with my laptop for a moment, very glad to hear it's not just happening to me!

I must say this is especially aggravating as players of the Sims 4 are all paying customers in some capacity. Honestly this is the kind of quality I'd expect from a free testing game, not impressed, especially as there always seems to be something wrong with the game!

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Re: Gallery Issues

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The excuse that this a US holiday weekend doesn't fly. The weekend is exactly when the Gallery is most used--and a holiday weekend should actually have MORE technical coverage, taking this into account. 

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