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Re: Forum deleted??

by drkatrine

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Forum deleted??

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Hello there!!


I made a forum in here yesterday with questions abt requirements with the purpose of playing the Sims 3 again, and asked a question abt CC worlds for the Sims 3. However as I come in today somehow my forum has completely disappeared as if it never existed. I don't think writing this forum will help anything, but anyone else have tried that before? Is there a certain reason as to why it has happened?


Thank you in advance!!!

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Re: Forum deleted??

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We regularly move posts around when required. You can always see your own post by clicking on your profile name.


Here is the direct link to your posts:

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Re: Forum deleted??

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Hello and thank you so much for answering!


Thank you for your answer, however that sadly does not answer my question. The forum I posted it completely gone from my posts. It's not there anymore. It was yesterday when I just added it and I saw it here amongst other forums as well. Then suddenly when I come back it's gone, both from that direct link to my posts and amongst other forums. I have never had that happen before and I am very confused, but thank you so much for answering still! Standard smile

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