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Forgotten Hollow Issues

by trapt2821

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Forgotten Hollow Issues

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1. The house called Garliclauter Place is bugged. After bulldozing the lot and placing a new one, the lot is always backwards. I've tried this 3 times so far and it has been backwards every time.


2. The Forgotten Hollow world icon keeps moving around. I've made several test saves and only one time has this new world been placed after San Myshuno. In my newest save it's Forgotten Hollow, Newcrest then San Myshuno. Not sure if this is intentional or not.


I've experienced both of these bugs with mods and without mods.


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Re: Forgotten Hollow Issues

  1. Just turn the house I guess. 
  2. I'm seeing that too. 

Tagging @SimGuruNick to check if bug or not

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