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Flickering Sims

by deutschlehrer90

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Flickering Sims

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I tried to upload a video of what is happening, but the file is too big.


Anytime a character puts on their seasonal clothing, they freeze, start flickering between normal stance and almost a T-stance, and I cannot do anything with them. I would use mods that allow me to force a change of clothes, but none of those are working in my game anymore. I have tried repairing, toying with my CC and mods, et cetera. I need to know how to disable those outfits without removing the Seasons pack (if possible).

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Dot.: Flickering Sims


You cannot eliminate this option from the game, but you can try to eliminate the reason why this is happening.
Move the mods folder to the desktop.
Delete localthumbcache.package file in the game folder
Fix the game in Origin.
Origin/Library -right click on TS4 - option "Repair game"
You have to wait until Origin will fix all packs, not only the base game.
Turn on the game to create a new, empty mods folder. Check if a game is working now without mods.
Check if there are new, the updated version these mods or CC what you are using.
Then copy from desktop your mods and CC and paste it in the new mods folder. First, paste script mods every time checking if the game is OK. Do the same with CC but if you have a lot of this, try the 50/50 method

I don't work for EA

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Dot.: Flickering Sims

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Thank you for the quick response. Attached is how my Origin remains for hours. Nothing loads. I did the first two steps.

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Re: Flickering Sims

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It sounds almost like when the Sim is trying to access their Hot/Cold Weather outfits, it's not able to access the file appropriately, or it's not rendering.


There's no actual method to deleting/removing these outfits; a workaround might be to attempt to set these Sims into outfits that are just loading from regular wardrobes, but that would look rather silly having Sims wearing Casual or Formal wear when they should be bundled up or dressed down for the weather.


The "T" stance is usually an indication that the Sim is being "reset" by something, usually by a script or command that didn't go off as planned.


Do you happen to have MC Command Center as an installed mod? I find that one tends to be helpful for resetting a Sim back to working order if they're stuck or something.


Just a few options to try; hopefully one of these steps help, or at least gets you moving into the right direction.


- B

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Re: Flickering Sims

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Thank you for the response. I guess I should remove the hot/cold weather filter when setting outfits?


I used to have Command Center, but it automatically ages everyone in the Sim world up now, so I removed it (with the most up to date version at that time). I can try downloading it again and see if further versions may have fixed it.


I will give those a try when I have time and let you know how it goes. Whether it works or not, thanks for the input.

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