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Re: Flicker on top quarter of screen

by roberta591

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Flicker on top quarter of screen

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I have a Windows 10 computer and just got a new disk of The Sims 3 (I had an older disk that did the same thing so I think it may be the computer) as well as the Seasons expansion, Late Night expansion and High End Loft stuff pack. Anyway, there's a flicker sort of thing that seems to show the lower "layers" of the screen. So, if it's the loading screen after the main menu, it'll show the overview of Sunset Valley that comes after that loading screen. When it first starts it's at the top of the screen but as I continue it will spread to the bottom, but I've never played long enough for it to just completely flicker on the whole screen. I couldn't find anything on The Sims 3 forums, the EA website, the Steam forums or other websites. I've adjusted the graphics but it doesn't make it better. It only starts in the first loading screen, not in the little video before. And finally, it only happens in full screen mode.



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Re: Flicker on top quarter of screen

@waldo_mudd  My guess (as I have never seen this issue) is a problem with the video frame buffers and the resolution. It could be a driver issue (not sure). Please post your computers dxdiag to this post - link - how to post your computer's dxdiag   thank you


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Re: Flicker on top quarter of screen

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Here ya go

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Re: Flicker on top quarter of screen

@waldo_mudd  The first thing I notice is the graphics driver is not WHQL. This could indicate you are using a beta device driver. Your computer has 112Mb of dedicated video memory. The minimum requirement for this game is 128Mb dedicated video memory. The Intel I3 processor is the weakest of the I series and your computer uses the integrated Intel 4400 video processor. AIO (all in one) computers are like a laptop pretending to be a desktop in that upgrades may (probably)  not be possible. The resolution 1600x900 is HD+ - not full HD (1080p). Have you tried a lower in game resolution like 1024x768 and see if the issue goes away? Integrated Intel HD video chips are not known to be gaming friendly. The latest video driver at Dell support for your AIO is dated 19 Nov 2015 and for the Intel 4000 HD video chip. I'm not sure what that means but Intel HD 4400 for your AIO is not listed at Dell support. Did the game ever work correctly? It could be a device driver issue but I don't think so as the Intel HD graphics has had issues with this game as well as other 3D graphical games. The dedicated video memory is usually designed into the motherboard and not adjustable. In the Intel I series processor there is no "real" dedicated video memory. The video chip is integrated into the cpu chip and dedicated video memory is borrowed from main memory. This is unlike a video card that has memory dedicated to the video system.


I do not work for EA or associated with EA other then helping other users in the forums.
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