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Family tree

by chanty95

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Family tree

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Who misses it? 


i do i never found the patience to continieu with one family, but with sims 4 i do! and now, there is no family tree... then why is there a "live wish" of a succesfull family tree? 


my quiestion is.. will they mabey make one later? i hope they will because that'd make it even a better game!



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Re: Family tree

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I have always loved the family tree aspect of the game.  In the sims 1 I just played one house and that was it until I got bored with them then I moved onto another family.  In the sims 2, before story progression, I used to play each household, and believe me I filled the town with sims I made, until a child or teen, for example, was about to grow up so that they all grew up together, and then go back through each household and grow them all up basically at story progression as I could get the  Then, sims 3 came along and I didn't have to play every household, just the ones that tickled my fancy, although I did stick mainly to one family and my favourite child of  The family tree was important to me, because it was hard to keep track of who's child was who's and thus kept me from wondering why I couldn't do certain actions with certain sims because they were half-siblings or whatever.  It was great to be able to see their tree so I could understand why.  Not only that, but I research my family genealogy and the family tree is important to me because we can also see whether a sim is from a long line living in the town or from a relatively newbie in town.

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Re: Family tree


Hi guys,


this is not a discussion forum, it's a forum for problems.


Please use the official forum for discussing the game with your fellow Simmers:


Thank you

Happy Gaming


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Please only contact me via PM when asked to do so.

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