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Re: Family Portrait Disappeared?

by jpkarlsen

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Family Portrait Disappeared?

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I've recently started playing the sims 4 again, and wanted to place the family portrait (the free one from the mobile app) 
But noticed i no longer had it in my game?

I redeemed it when it was available and have had it in my game before, now i dont know exactly what happened, but it is no longer in my game.

i've tried reparing the game, making sure everything was updated. but its still not there.

i no longer see the icon in the sims 4 startup screen, but read that some people still had the portrait even though the startup icon was gone - so i went in the game and searched for it, but with no luck.


I think it might have to do with the offer no longer being available and the fact that i have reinstalled the game on my PC a couple of times, but i cant be sure - i just find it weird that i no longer have the portrait in my game.



i wrote to support who then told me to create a topic here in the forums.

Its sad that the portrait is no longer available as it was a nice addition to the game (even though we could use a few more frame options for it, like a more simple frame Wink )


is there any solution to this or will the family portrait forever be gone from my game ?





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Re: Family Portrait Disappeared?

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In Build mode search for "Family portrait". It is under Paintings and Posters.

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Re: Family Portrait Disappeared?

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"so i went in the game and searched for it, but with no luck."
I've tried, Its not there.
I've searched several times for it both before and after repairing the game and reinstalling the game, but it doesn't show up Frown
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Re: Family Portrait Disappeared?

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Re: Family Portrait Disappeared?

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support told me to ask on the forums.
To Contact support was my first thought, but they couldn't help me :-/
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Re: Family Portrait Disappeared?

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It is tied to your account so provided you haven't logged in to another account it should be there. Try doing a factory reset as described in this post:

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