Re: FPS halved when moving Camera

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FPS halved when moving Camera

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moving the Camera around stutters (~30fps)
moving the Camera around WHILE HOLDING RMB (circling the camera), and the game runs fluently on ~75fps


as you imagine you change your camera position alot in this game... and thats a loss of over 50% fps while doing so. BUT if i move the camera around while holding RightMouseButton (and move around with WASD) its completely fine. So theoretically i could just hold RMB the entire time in i wouldnt even notice performance problems.


at first i thought Mods are the issue but they were not. I deleted all mods and the problem was still there. 

I did a complete fresh reinstall on a new Harddrive: problem persists.

i assume the 1.6 Update is the issue since i believe it started when the Update came.

Any suggestions?

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Re: FPS halved when moving Camera

@ologuy  I've seen a couple other reports of the same issue in the past, so I don't think it's necessarily due to the most recent patch, although the patch may have been the trigger in your case.  At any rate, please run a dxdiag and attach it to a post.


Please also let me know whether this happens in a new save or just your existing ones.  If you have Eco Lifestyle installed, please test in neighborhoods with different eco footprints as well.


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