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Re: Error report

by burin077

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Error report

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Since Strangerville {Sims 4} came out, vampires have not able to raise their powers after Grand Master level.  Once the bar fills up, it never empties, therefore the vampire doesn't receive their 2 points. Also, how can actors receive awards from Awards Shows if you can't actually go to an Awards Show?  There is no to travel to or attend an Awards Show.  Please fix these items as soon as possible.

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Re: Error report

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Good evening @librlh8ter ;


Both of these issues have been reported in the Bug Report forum; the Vampire Power one was mentioned that EA/Maxis is aware of it, and are working on a fix. In the meantime, a temporary fix was made by a fellow Simmer; you should be able to find it under "Vampire Bug Fix" on one of the Sims modding sites.

As for the Awards Show (The Starlight Accolades), there is currently a workaround for this.
- Adjust the "fame gate" at Studio PBP to allow Sims of lower fame levels to enter.


To be eligible for an award, you need to produce something that will trigger you to be invited. You can write a book, make a painting, write song lyrics, write sheet music...pretty much any producible object you can make and sell can potentially make you eligible for an award. 


- B

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