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Error 102:70c7f9a5/122

by un1c0rn569

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Re: Error 102/122

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no problems with editing Sims in CAS 

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Re: Error 102/122

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Tahemet wrote:

BlackyVickers...I am playing with a recovered game.

I didn't touch any family in my "manage household" Screen.

With pets, without pets, with created pets, with adopted pets, with several families on far I am not having problems.


what did u do?because i've tried everything so far and n its still not working 

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Re: Error 102/122

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1. Click the "Load Game" button, from Main Menu.
2. In the Load Game Menu, you'll see thumbnails of all your saved games.
3. Pick a game which was saved before the Patch, and click the "Recover Save" button -- which is next to the play button.
4. Rename the saved game. Go back to Main Menu and then Load Game Menu to see your recovered game 
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Re: Error 102/122

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Same error here.


Platform: Mac OS X 10.11.6


"The game failed to load. Error Code:
102:70c7f9a6:8998dd17. It is recommended that you relaunch the game."

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 9.42.53 AM.png
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Re: Error 102

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I have the solution of error 102 o 122

What you have to do is remove your families from the main menu. After this, make a new family, move it to a house and save. 

just save.   DONT USE SAVE AS! 

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This happened to me after deleting a household. I have repaired my game. I have removed the folder and started a game. I have tried to recover but it doesn't give me the option. So now i can't play unless i put days into creating a new town with new people. 

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Re: Error 102

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How about my old families? I Don't want to just delete them

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Re: Error 102

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Personally, i dont want to start over(the struggle is real) im looking for a fix without deleting any of my households 

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Re: Error 102

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SimGuruNick just tweeted this:

If you're getting error 102/122 and the second set of digits is "70c7f9a6" then we know about this issue and our team is working on it. You will be unable to load that household until we release a fix, so please just keep the file somewhere safe for now. Sorry for the trouble!


So I'm not touching my saves until they fix it. I think you guys should wait as well.

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Re: Error 102

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★★★ Novice -un1c0rn569


Included my file above ^


@SimGuruNick Okay so new problems. All my save files have randomly been deleted and I'm not sure if it was me or not. I still took advantage of the situation because I can always make more households. But, the problem now is that i have tried creating a new sim but she's no where to found. I go back to the worlds and she still doesn't appear on the little icon thing that shows the households. After that, I check the households that Maxis has created and none of the households show up either. Weird I know. I even tried to load up one of the pre existing households and it's like I'm not even clicking it. Man I just want to play!!!




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