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Editing pre-existing sims relationships?

by beeke404

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Editing pre-existing sims relationships?

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I moved a sim into another sim's household and I want to turn them from roommates to mother and child but I either get a "cannot edit pre-existing sim or the only options I get are "sister/brother, roommate or wife/husband." I changed their ages and the cheats are on both testingcheats true and cas.fulleditmode but it still doesn't give me the parent/child option.

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Dot.: Editing pre-existing sims relationships?

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These relations must be set before the game starts and later unless you have MCCC mod, nothing can be done.

But this can be solved differently.
You can save all these sims to the library. Enter with these sims in the CAS outside the game and set these relationships between them.
Switch to a random family in order to save the game and remove the family you played from the game. Then enter this family from the library again into this game on an empty plot. They lose all friends and money but their careers and skills will stay. You can add money to them with the motherlode code and put them in their old home.

I don't work for EA

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Re: Editing pre-existing sims relationships?

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Here is information I took from someone else. I would credit the original author, but I don't remember who it was. This has worked for me...

1. Open the cheat console ctrl + shift + c and type: "testingcheats on"
2. Now type: "sims.get_sim_id_by_name yoursimfirstname yoursimlastname" (The desired sim must be selected)
-It will pop up a large number. This is very important. This number is your Sim ID
3. Type again the same thing in step 2 but now with your desired target sim name.
-I mean, if you want to change your (example) son and mom relationship, you need to type the text from step 2 from both of them
You should now have 2 large numbers in the console. (SimID)

-In step 4 you will write your desired relationshipBit. (Obviously I mean, don't write the word "relationshipbit") you need to overwrite the word with These relationshipBits:
4. In the console, type: "relationship.add_bit yoursimID targetsimID relationshipbit"
-YoursimID is the large number you got from your selected sims. You need to write the whole numbers.
-relationshipbit DOESN'T NEED TO BE WRITTEN, it needs to be one of the 5 commands I wrote in step 4.

If it doesn't work, it's because for some reason, Testingcheats disabled automatically (It happenned to me several times) Write it again and make sure its enabled again, and repeat the step 4.

Good luck!
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Re: Editing pre-existing sims relationships?

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I tried as instructed to change relationship. didn't work. Don't know what I am doing wrong. Can you give example of what it's suppose to look like when you input. Are there spaces between the id #s no space what??
I want it to be grandchild (your sim) to grandparent (target sim)

relationship.add_bit <yoursimID> <targetsimID> <relationshipBit>
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Re: Editing pre-existing sims relationships?


relationship.add_bit <yoursimID> <targetsimID> <relationshipBit>


So, if your grandchild ID is 123 and grandparent is 789, it would look like this:


relationship.add_bit 123 789 family_grandchild


That being said, I have no idea if this cheat works anymore. A lot of cheats (like the skill cheats) were taken out of the game a few months ago. There is a mod out there that will re-enable them. Try searching for TwistedMexi sims4cheats or viewing section on cheats for more info/help.

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