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Ea is frustrating

by jamieSosweet7

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Ea is frustrating

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I've been trying to contact ea about this problem for over a year now. I just want these four games added to my origin account. I used to be able to live chat them but that option is always gone now; on any browser even changing the region doesn't help. Calling is the only option but I can't do that seeing as my phone is now gone. I'm not buying these games again that is $160. I gave them proof that I actually own the games and whatnot. Last time I had actual contact with them I told them that the codes weren't working, they told me to contact who I bought the games from, which I live nowhere near anymore. The game has ea on the box for a reason-


TLDR: Ea if I could sue you for wasting my time I would lol

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Re: Ea is frustrating

@jamieSosweet7  I'm sorry to say it, but no one here can help with an account issue like yours.  I take it trying to register the codes in your Origin account just gives you the message that they've already been used?  Is it possible you added them to another account, or a Sims 3 Store account, at some point?  If so, then the codes would be tied to that account already—the store and Origin share information.


Otherwise, the usual method of proving ownership is to provide a photo for each pack showing the disc, case, and insert with the code printed on the back.  If support has already turned you down though, I'm not sure what else you can do.  As for not being able to live chat, try picking a different category of problem.  Some can apparently only be handled over the phone, but there's enough overlap in categories that you may be able to find one that's close enough to your issue and still lets you use live chat.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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