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Re: Double Bill Pay

by Cuddly_Poochydex

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Double Bill Pay

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So I don't know if anyone else has seen this happen or it's just my game being weird but I picked up playing Sims 4 again recently and I noticed something odd. My Sims bills would come in and I'd pay them with one of the three ways, the game would take the money but then my power would be shut off the next Sim day and I would have to pay it again. I'm kinda double paying. It happens like every other ish bill. It happens with and without mods. Does this happen to anyone else? :/

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Re: Double Bill Pay

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Hi, after you've removed your mods you might want to delete the localthumbcache folder, this might help Standard smile
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Re: Double Bill Pay

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Also, do/ did you have MC command center? This can cause similar problems.
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