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Re: Dog smells like death and bathing doesn't help

by crinrict

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Dog smells like death and bathing doesn't help

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I noticed that sometimes I see the Grim Reaper in my game. He goes to the gym and gets into the shower. Then he showers for hours and hours of sim time. But that is Death and he smells like Death. So I only have the one dog, since I haven't been playing Pets long. Whenever he goes on an adventure he will roll in something sometimes as part of the adventure. Or sometimes he goes hunting. Sometimes he just naturally gets stinky. So I will have a sim attempt to bathe the dog. The sim will kneel and rub, rub and rub for hours of sim time. It should not literallyt take all day of sim time to bathe a dog. That is unrealistic. Nothing should smell that bad but the Grim reaper. I don't know what happened that a dog could get that stinky. I had one sim bathe the dog and finally give up. Then another sims picked the dog up, got the moodlet that it still stinks, and tried to bathe the dog too. It just has the animation for bathing and it says that is what they are doing. What in the world could that dog have gotten into that smells worse than the Grim Reaper. I can usually get this to fix itself by just giving up. I will go play another lot for a while and hope after a few days left on their own, the stink will go away.  I really start to dislike Pets because I can't have fun with a dog that can't be bathed. The sims always get a bad moodlet trying to interact with the dog. And even keeping the dog in, not walking it or going on adventures will help. Eventually it is just going to stink. I do brush and play and do all the other interactions to make sure my sims like the dog, we just don't like the smell.   Also, it is not sick. I took it to the vet and it just got a checkup on the list of options. It has not been sprayed by a skunk. It just gets stinky and bathing takes a super long time, if at all. Or I leave the lot for a few days of sim time and come back to see if that helps. 

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Re: Dog smells like death and bathing doesn't help

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Hi @knitsybitsy! Does this happen every time? I had this problem once but the next time i washed my dog it was faster. Have you tried resetting the dog and the sim (dog needs a last name to do it in command box), or do it by activating cheats and shift click them both. 

Or do you have any mods in game that might do something weird, try removing them if so Standard smile 

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Re: Dog smells like death and bathing doesn't help


HI @knitsybitsy


there's a bug report on this here:


I've seen it happen in my game but not constantly. Does the progress bar on washing move at all for you ?


On the Grim Reaper roaming about, see this:

Happy Gaming


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