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Do promo codes work for Sims 4 game packs

by campepsi

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Do promo codes work for Sims 4 game packs

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I've never used promo codes before, so I know nothing about them. 

I dont have a credit card so for all online things I have to get a prepaid one.
Someone bought me a 25$ CAD prepaid vanilla card so I could buy the Strangerville Game pack because they thought the game was only 20$. The game is indeed 20$ USD but in CAD it's  25,99 without taxes, so in the end its 29,88$. It's way over than the prepaid card I was given and I cant simply get another one. Only way I can get the pack would be with a promo code. I've tried many but I always get ''This promo code does not apply to one or more item in your cart''. I'm assuming this means the code is valid, but not on the game I want to buy. I'm aware there is a 30 days after a game is released where promo codes wont work, but as far as I know, its been 30 days, so maybe I'm too impatient and need to wait a bit more, but I dont want to get my hopes up only to find out promo codes do not apply at all on game and stuff packs. It's been a month since I've got the card and Origin is almost nagging me about it, its like the first thing I see when I log in ''Hey look, the game you want but cant have''. Not pleasant. I've try googling this question before but found no answers, that's why I came here to ask.


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