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Re: Do EA Live Chat Game Advisors exist?

by EA_Lanna

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Do EA Live Chat Game Advisors exist?

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I have spent a total of 11 hours (and counting...) split between 3 different days/times watching the live chat initializing window tell me "Please wait while we connect you to an EA Game Advisor."  The listed "wait times" were 40-45 minutes the previous two days (I waited 2.5 the first day and 4 hours the second) and 10-15 minutes today.  I really had hope for today, but it's been almost 5 hours (all during US EST business hours) and nothing.  I've been using IE (I see that others have had trouble with Chrome, but just switched over to Chrome before posting in case the reverse was true for me -- 15-20 minute wait quoted this time, it's been 40+ minutes already) and haven't been repeatedly retrying over the course of the day, so am not resetting my place in the queue with impatience.  It was still showing my conversation as "in progress" when I switched browsers.  The conversation I'm attempting today is actually a second conversation because I received an automated email telling me they closed the first one (without ever having spoken to me) and I was unable to resume the first conversation via their webpage (it kept asking me for a topic even though I was choosing one from the dropdown menu).  The reason for closing the first conversation was "our conversation was disconnected before we were able to resolve case#___" which I found frustrating since there was never a conversation connected in the first place.  I can't have them call me via phone since I'm currently trying to recover from oral surgery.  Is there any other way to get assistance? 


I was able to determine from you wonderful people here via your past messages to others that I do actually need to contact EA support to solve my problem.  I purchased World Adventures via Origin; I was able to download the Explorer's Loot registration reward via the Sims Store, however WA isn't showing up on (everything else I purchased that day did). I can't register it with the product code from Origin (the "invalid code" message, likely because it's been registered, but not enough to show up on "My Page"), and thus have no way to receive the simpoints that come with WA.  Prior posters here have said the issue was resolved for them by talking to customer support and receiving a new code.


Is there any way to contact EA customer support besides having them call me or dreaming that one of these days someone will connect via chat?  I'm trying during EST business hours, have now tried both IE and Chrome, have not been refreshing and resetting my queue time, and have tried on different days/times of day.  I'm hoping someone here has some advice I haven't already found via google or using the search bar up there on the top of this page.  I'm not looking forward to more time spent watching the chat not connect instead of playing the game.


On the plus side, I've had plenty of time to browse the sim store for different things I could spend the simpoints on once this is resolved.


Thank you!

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Re: Do EA Live Chat Game Advisors exist?

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I got on instanly? 


They werent able to help me through their but i am supposed to get an email if they find an answer to my question.


Never try and get a dev on here though. been trying for weeks

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Re: Do EA Live Chat Game Advisors exist?

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@augrae my chat bar will not come up in some games
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Re: Do EA Live Chat Game Advisors exist?

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Hi @happymonkey119, could you open a new thread please and include some additional information like which game you're playing, when this started happening for you and what troubleshooting steps you're applying for please? I'll close this thread in the meantime as it's a bit of an oldie. Standard smile


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