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Disappearing Sims and Lots

by tahliabellej

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Disappearing Sims and Lots

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I make sure to always save my games progress etc and it worked. But now when I save my progress it won't even work. For example; I build a house and move a sim in and play with that lot and sim for a while then save it and go until next time I play Sims 4. The next time I play it, I'll go into the world that I saved last time and suddenly the lot has disappeared and restarted to its original build, and my sim no longer lives on that lot. I couldn't find my sim for a while until I started playing with other sims and all the sudden I see the sims that I have lost in the past who don't have homes and just walk around as if their fine, I just can't play them anymore. And I try to load the household and it just goes to the map because the sim has disappeared. At first I thought that maybe it was only happening on Island living because I had recently downloaded it, but now any new progress I make anywhere just disappears, yet my sims still live in the world (I just can't play them and they no longer live anywhere even though I didn't move them out or anything of that sort). Thanks for reading.

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Re: Disappearing Sims and Lots

@tahliabellej  Do the game clock and calendar reset?  As in, you play through until Friday at 6 pm or so, save, quit, and reload to find it's now the previous Monday at 8 am or whatever?  If so, do you have OneDrive set to automatically sync the contents of Documents?  It's possible that your older saves are being downloaded and replacing your newer ones somehow.  You can disable the auto syncing of Documents, or any folder(s) you want:


It's a good idea to make a backup of your Sims 4 user data folder first, in case de-syncing leaves a single copy in cloud storage rather than one remaining on your computer.


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