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Disappearing Sim in Sims 3 University

by elonetto

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Disappearing Sim in Sims 3 University

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I've for some reason come across an issue that my sim just... disappears, I've tried restarting the game. Changing the actions I was going to do, or even trying to force him to drop out an move back home. However this just results in my computer glitching and then I can't select anything - forcing me to force quit the game and restart my computer.


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Re: Disappearing Sim in Sims 3 University

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Does your sim become invisible but the face still appears on the green box and you can still tell it to do things? Or does your sim become invisible, is face disapears from the green box and you can't make him do anything you want?

If it's the firts one, make your sim take a shower, that has made my sims become visible again when it happened to me. 

If it's the second, is this a new sim that you've created to go to University or is it a sim from a older saved game? Is that sim from exchange? Do you have any CC or mods?

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Re: Disappearing Sim in Sims 3 University

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I have the same issue. I just installed University one week ago, I've been playing everyday but I had an issue starting yest (Monday)
my male character and his father lived with a female roommate.
The male character had a privatewedding with his fiance and then I saved and quit after his new wife and daughter moved in.
I saved then quit.

The next day the "box" for thesims are all green except for the new wife, meaning I can click on the new wife but not the other sims because they don't have their icon in their box.
Now all the sims are visible but frozen in the house but the new wife can be controlled, and has her icon in her "greenbox" .
I reset my male sim,tried edit town mode, nothing worked. I went into edit universitymode and came back to my household.
NOW.....when i click on the house hold it showed the whole family was there "Male,Father, roommate, plus new wife." on the portrait.
Once I choose them as my acvite household I only see the father and the males new wife,I don't see the male character or the daughter at all.
The fathers icon is now present and is not just the green box, but his name is showing up as his granddaughter/sons daughters name and not his given name.

I checked the wife's friends list and its showing my main male character is at the university and in the relationship/friendships status it is showing that its her boyfriend. When I hover over her name though is shows shes married to "Jason" which is the main character/males name.


So I lost two of my characters? what the heck?
I can't even find the daughter, lol, idk where shes living, I can only text her.

Plus now the father lost his name and has the granddaughters name.
His icon is in the green box but I still cant click him to control him.


I've been able to tolerate a lot of the sims glitches in the past, Even the one where it gave you an error when saving
but losing characters and relationship stats, this is really frusterating.


I have had custom content, no mods. Ive had the custom content for a while now and haven't added more content in 6 months.
Plus the sims was working fine for a week.

Let me know if you hear anything. thanks or if you have a similar problem, Sorry This is so long, When I am on a rant i don't shut up lol.


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Re: Disappearing Sim in Sims 3 University

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It seems to me like you may have a corrupted file.

Did any of those sims went to university? / Did it happen before or after they went to university?

Or any of those sims from Exchange?

Do you have any CC or mods?


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Re: Disappearing Sim in Sims 3 University

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This happened after they came back from university. I have tried to move them out and then moved them back but once i choose their house hold all the options to choose a household disappears. I can zoom in and out and can only view the outside of the house but it wont let me control anything. The only thing i can do is do the "forcehud" or whatever action and it brings me back to choosing a household. I haven't touched it in a couple of days because I'm so annoyed. With or with out custom content it still does it. I just started the neighborhood and it was a new family.

On my one sim it shows my missing sims are not in that town. I sent my currently working and visible sim to the university to see if my missing sims were there but they are showing they aren't . So where the heck are my missing sims? I went to leave the univesity but guess what? now its telling me to choose a household and im in the university world. I couldnt get back into the town mode. So of course I just quit without saving.GRRR...

Also no i just have store content no exchange.


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Re: Disappearing Sim in Sims 3 University

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Do you know how to save your sims to the bin? Go into edit town mode, select your household and choose 'save a copy to the bin'. Quit the game and go into the main menu, choose an empty slot and start a new game, when it loads the world that you chose, pick the household that you saved to the bin, they should be there in the households that you can choose from. You should be able to play normally now.

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Re: Disappearing Sim in Sims 3 University

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But then they lose all their friends and relationships. Isn't there amother way?

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Re: Disappearing Sim in Sims 3 University

@khorton94  This thread is several years old, and the participants have all moved on by now.  If you'd like help troubleshooting your game, please start your own thread describing the problem, and what troubleshooting steps, if any, you've taken that haven't worked.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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