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Re: Desktop Help

by puzzlezaddict

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Desktop Help

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Hi, I've been looking for a new desktop and I've found a few, but I have no idea how to judge wither or not check if it can run the sims 3 and sims 4 with mods and CC.

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Re: Desktop Help

@GloomyCallum  The first one is significantly better than the second because its graphics card is much faster, as in, they're not really even in the same category.  The graphics card is the single most important component, so getting the best one for your money should be the first priority if the goal is mainly to play Sims games.


However, both these computers are a number of years old: somewhere between six and eight, judging by the processors.  The CPU in the second computer is significantly stronger than the first one, although neither one is particularly strong.  If you can find a system with a newer processor (Intel 6th gen or newer) and an Nvidia 1050 ti or similar (an Nvidia 1060 or an AMD 570 or 580 would be even faster), the computer would probably last longer.


For example, this computer has an almost new processor and the same 1050 ti.  It does only have a small hard drive, but for the lower price, you could add a mechanical drive for about $40-50 and pay around the same price overall.


This also has a very small hard drive, but it's even cheaper, and it has a faster graphics card:


This one has more than enough storage and otherwise similar specs as the one above:


I didn't do a thorough search by any means; these are just some examples that jumped out.  There are always plenty of options like these on Ebay if you're patient.  Let me know if you see something else you like and want a second opinion.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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