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Re: Deleted Mod Files Causing Game Issues

by Psychotps

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Deleted Mod Files Causing Game Issues

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I have been playing the sims 4 on my macbook for the past 10 months. Recently, I got a new gaming pc. I just moved all of my mods into the new Sims 4 Mods folder.


However, I am facing an issue. When I attempt to start the game, I get the error that a particular mod file is corrupted and I need to remove it. I do remove the file from the folder, but when I attempt to start the game again, I get the same error about the same file. 


Does anyone know what the cause of the issue is? I suspect that it may have something to do with moving from Mac to Pc, but i’m not sure if that’s right 



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Re: Deleted Mod Files Causing Game Issues

@guppybliss  Mods can get corrupted when moving between OSs.  Try moving your entire Mods folder to your desktop, and delete localthumbcache.package, also in the Sims 4 folder, as well.  If you don't get an error, you can add back one mod and test.  If you do still get an error, then you probably have a second Sims 4 folder that the game is reading instead of the one from which you removed Mods.


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Re: Deleted Mod Files Causing Game Issues

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If you used a thumbdrive to move the files, that will break them.


Try zipping the files first and then transferring the zip to the PC.


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