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Daughter lost all new saved games. Please help.

by brendaedson

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Daughter lost all new saved games. Please help.

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My daughter’s laptop hinge broke and we had to send it back to Dell to be fixed. It came back today but all of games were missing. I looked in the documents folder under the saved files and it was empty. I then did a search and found what I thought was the folder, got excited and copied them where they were supposed to go. Turns out there weren’t any new games in there. The newest saved file

was from December. She’s devastated and I don’t know how to fix it. Is there a way to recover files when you don’t see them anywhere? The recovered files on the actual sims game are dated Dec 2019 too. What happened?

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Re: Daughter lost all new saved games. Please help.

@brendaedson  It sounds like Dell might have messed up, unfortunately.  More specifically, it's possible the techs used a restore point to recover the computer's data, but that restore point was from December.  I don't know exactly what repairing the hinge would have entailed, and it doesn't seem like it should touch the internal drive(s).  But things happen.  If you really want to find out, you can probably get a summary of the work done from Dell, although I'm not sure there's much point.


Anyway, there aren't many places the saves could be hiding, and it's simple enough to search.  You can check OneDrive, if you use it, for a spare copy of the Sims 4 user data folder; Windows does love to enable OneDrive and sync everything in Documents.  And you can search This PC for Slot_* (with the asterisk), which should turn up any save files on the hard drive(s).  But if you don't find anything, then you're probably out of luck.  Sorry.


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