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Custom Content not showing up in The Sims 4

by Evans_Lilly515

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Re: Custom Content not showing up in The Sims 4

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Where's the game options??

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Re: Custom Content not showing up in The Sims 4

In game press ESC -> options.

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Re: Custom Content not showing up in The Sims 4

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I'm having the same problem. I have downloaded cas items and build mode items but nothing shows up. When I look at where it should list my cc it doesn't say anything. I've never used cc before but was getting bored of base game items so decided to try it. I dowloaded it all from The Sims Resource. It's all for Sims 4 and I have mods and cc enabled in my game. I deleted my resource.cfg file in my mods folder and I'm not sure how to get it back but cc didn't work before I deleted it. I'm wondering if it has anything to do with the fact my game and everything is saved on a portable drive that I plug into my laptop when I play. Also when I first downloaded my cc I didn't have a mods folder so I just made one. People are saying about subfolders, I have my cc in a custom content folder in my mods folder. Could someone please help?

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Re: Custom Content not showing up in The Sims 4

The game should create the mods folder by itself, when you start it once, so make sure you don't have two. 

Could you try taking all but one file out and test the game with only one piece?

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Re: Custom Content not showing up in The Sims 4

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I'm getting really mad at myself and game because i have spent hours on hour and for about two weeks now i have been trying to get cc. I download the cc off  and it worked about a month ago i get back from a trip then delete my cc that i have because i don't want it. I then tried to download more cc to be specific hair and clothes. I open my game it doesn't work, you don't know how many hours i wasted watching/reading videos and article and it was just a waste of my time nothing is working. I have no subfolders either please help i'm getting very frustrated.

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Re: Custom Content not showing up in The Sims 4

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I do have CC on and I think I have OneDrive but when I click on the show CC button none of my CC shows up. 

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Re: Custom Content not showing up in The Sims 4


Did you add the mods to your onedrive or local folder ?

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Re: Custom Content not showing up in The Sims 4

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Hi, Evans_Lilly515, I've had this problem before and I know it's annoying. Have you checked that the file is a .package file? If it's a .zip or anything like it, you'll need to unzip the file before putting it in your Mods folder. If this doesn't work, make sure the content was directed towards Sims 4 as opposed to Sims 3. Hope this helps!

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Re: Custom Content not showing up in The Sims 4

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OMG, I've been having the same problem .I just recently deleted all of my cc ,and before I didn't  have this problem. Right now I am Taking out all my new cc and completely deleting it, then going back to the sites I found it from and re installing it. That's what worked for me before. If not it might be the cc itself.

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Re: Custom Content not showing up in The Sims 4

[ Edited ]
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UPDATE 2: I fixed it! It was either Sentate-PamDress.package, revolution-sims_fancy_gown.package, or Thorsuit.package. I deleted them all.


UPDATE: It only launches when I delete literally all my mods.


So I can't even get my game to LAUNCH now after following these instructions.


The path to my mod file is icloud drive->documents->electronic arts->the sims 4->mods


Here are my mods


Neia_Careers_Commons.package copy Neia_Careers_Commons.package copy 2 [CHOCOSIMS]yfhair_ombre_nolansimsvivianhair V2.package [DecayClown] Demoniac_Neck_Tattoo.package [mhmattman] ZipHoodie_Pikachu.package [Nenpy] - scales tattoo.package [simplesimmer] eli hair.package [simplesimmer] hazel hair.package [simplesimmer] serena hair.package [Sintiklia] - Hair s28b Marina.package [SrslySims] (S4) Ribbed Horns.package [SrslySims] (S4) Small Horns.package [SrslySims] (S4) Thick Forehead Horns.package [SrslySims] (S4) Thick Horns.package 001StudioK-KungFuStick-V2-R.package 1Z_dress_pinup01_neu2F.package Alin22ElizabethDressFootball.package AmiSwift_CA_Boots.package AmiSwift_CA_Bottoms.package AmiSwift_CA_Helmet.package AmiSwift_CA_ShieldBack.package AmiSwift_CA_Top.package AmiSwift_IM_Helmet.package AmiSwift_IM_Outfit.package Anto_ParaguayPack.package AstraeaNevermore_yuHair_HannahDreads.package Aveira_NolanSims Vivian Hair V2 (Recolor) All colors.package bed disodium.package Birba32_fy_HalloweenRedDress.package Birba32_my_TonyStarkT-Shirt.package BlackDame - Paogae.package blackwidowsuit2.package Blindeyes_T.D..package by bukovka_ya male_jacket vampire.package by bukovka_ya male_pants vampire.package captainkyokyo_robot_trait.package.package Cazy_Hair_c178-Hannah.package Charlotte bedroom - Bed by Spacesims.package Charlotte bedroom - Bed decorations by Spacesims.package Charlotte bedroom - Bedding by Spacesims.package Charlotte bedroom - Candle by Spacesims.package Charlotte bedroom - Canopy by Spacesims.package Charlotte bedroom - Curtains by Spacesims.package Charlotte bedroom - Dresser by Spacesims.package Charlotte bedroom - End table by Spacesims.package Charlotte bedroom - Mirror by Spacesims.package Charlotte bedroom - Paintings by Spacesims.package Charlotte bedroom - Pillows by Spacesims.package Charlotte bedroom - Table lamp by Spacesims.package Cheetaro_yfHat_NekoEars.package Cherskirt.package CherV2.package chingyu1023_Sarcastic Trait version 2 with buffs.package Conka2000SociallyAwkwardTrait.package ConnyHair byBirksche.package CuriousTraitUniSims.package CurlyWavyHair byBirksche.package deelitefulsimmer_toddler_capris.package deelitefulsimmer_toddler_tees.package DioneBlazer.package disodium bedroom chair.package disodium bedroom end table Indeed, rests, chair feet.package disodium bedroom misc deco table bed.package disodium bedroom wall scultpure.package disodium cushions bed.package disodium dresser.package disodium plinth statue end table.package disodium sculpture clutter.package DreamcatchingHair byBirksche.package Esmeralda_PlumbotBathSkin.package Esmeralda_PlumbotHoverConeBottom.package Esmeralda_PlumbotKaylaBottom.package Esmeralda_PlumbotKaylaHead.package Esmeralda_PlumbotLaurenHead.package Esmeralda_PlumbotLaurenTop.package Esmeralda_PlumbotOrbHead.package Esmeralda_PlumbotSaraHead.package Esmeralda_PlumbotSaraTop.package Esmeralda_PlumbotServoBottom.package Esmeralda_PlumbotServoTop.package Esmeralda_PlumbotSpencerHead.package Esmeralda_PlumbotTimHead.package Esmeralda_PlumbotWaiterTop.package eyecolor2.package eyecolor3.package eyecolor4.package eyecolor5.package eyecolor6.package eyecolor7.package eyecolor8.package eyecolor9.package eyecolor10.package eyecolor11.package eyecolor12.package eyecolor13.package eyecolor14.package eyecolor15.package faalq_WavyMHair.package Flapjack_Horns.package Flapjack_RibbedHorns.package Flapjack_Thicchorns.package Flapjack_Thicchornsforehead.package Frisk-Chara Sweaters - [By HikariiChaan].package frisksweaterfemale2.0.package frisksweatermale2.0.package Fuyaya_c_corne.package Fuyaya_c_fourche.package gravityfallshat.package HallowSims_Iris.package Heather_Chandler.sim Introvert.package jennisims_Acc_NeckMermaidEars.package jennisims_HoopBowBigTs4.package Jon_longerskirt.package Jon_mabelswter.package Julie J_ymHair_3to4CowlickHair.package JulietteDressConverision by Kiara24.package Kenzar-Sun-Choker.package Kiara24_ymBody_MedievalWarrior .package KK_fur_hood_jumper_male_10set_ts4.package LadyFu_Noyb_Manager.package LadyFu_Noyb_MrFriday.package LadyFu_Noyb_OfficeWorker.package LadyFu_Noyb_RushHour.package LadyFu_Noyb_Secretary.package LadyFu_Noyb_SweetBusiness.package LadyFuSitCBeABarney.package LadyFuSitCJumpIntoSociety.package LadyFuSitCMemoriesOfTheEightiesPattern.package LadyFuSitCMemoriesOfTheEightiesSolid.package LadyFuSitCNewKidOnTheBlock.package LadyFuSitCRobinHoodiePattern.package LadyFuSitCRobinHoodieSolid.package LadysPonytail&Bangs byBirksche.package Landon Bedroom Bed.package Landon Bedroom Brass Plate Decor.package Landon Bedroom Decor Ball.package Landon Bedroom Dresser.package Landon Bedroom Mirror.package Landon Bedroom Pillows.package Landon Bedroom Plant Tray.package Landon Bedroom Table Lamp.package Landon Bedroom Tallboy.package Landon Bedroom Wall Art.package Landon Bedrooml Nightstand.package Lioness21_yfBodyFemaleJedi.package Lioness21_ymBodyjedi.package Long Ponytail for men - all colors.package Lost souls gown_T.D..package LouisHair byBirksche.package LouisPonytail byBirksche.package Loverett_double_choker_round.package LumiaLoverSims_CurlyGurly.package mabelsweaters.package Maclimes_CapHelmet_CaptainAmerica.package Maclimes_CapPants_CaptainAmerica.package Maclimes_CapShoes_CaptainAmerica.package Maclimes_CapTee_CaptainAmerica.package mammut_cmHair_ShortPreppyCombed_LBlonde.package marigold_yfAcc_big ribbon.package MediumCurlyConversion by KiaraZurk.package metatontop.package metaunderwea.package metskin.package MF-RosalindDress-V2.package MidSideConversion by KiaraZurk.package missParaply_yfHair_kiara24CurlyPonytail_all42colors.package missParaply_yfHair_twistLow_all42colors.package missParaplyYFHairSolunaBunAllColors.package MM_NoukAfroKnot.package MonsterMadness_NoukHairHeadband.package MonsterMadness_NoukKinkyCurly.package Moon light eyes_T.D..package MorningDreads byBirksche.package MsBlue_MermaidCostume.package MsBlue_RainbowSkintoneSet.package necrodog_pirate-eye-patch-T-E.package necrodog_s3-beanie-child-M-F.package necrodog_s3-beanie-unisex-T-E.package Neia_Careers_Biology.package Neia_Careers_Biology.ts4script Neia_Careers_Commons.package Neia_Careers_Education.package Neia_Careers_Education.ts4script Neia_Careers_Militaire.package Neia_Careers_Militaire.ts4script Neia_nomorerelationshipculling.ts4script nessasimsNewseaDiscoBallF.package nessasimsNewseaDiscoBallF.package copy nessasimsNewseaDiscoBallFnaturals.package Nightcrawler AF Hair DAYANA.package Nightcrawler_(c)AM_Hair05.package NikSim_BG_cEyebrows_AllColours.package NikSim_BG_cHair_AllColours.package NikSim_BG_yEyebrows_AllColours.package NikSim_BG_yFacialHair_AllColours.package NikSim_BG_yHair_AllColoursA.package Nolan Sims Vivian Hair V2.package NotEgain_yfAcc_FairyTaleHornAcc.package oepu_yuHair_Mt4_ShortCurly.package optimist.package OranosTR_PirateCostumeEyePatch.package PlantSim_Trait.package PS_BlushN30.package PS_BlushN31.package PS_Eyebrow101.package PS_EyebrowN100.package PS_Eyeliner48.package PS_EyelinerN49.package PS_EyeshadowN34.package PS_EyeshadowN35.package PS_FakeMolesN06.package PS_LipN96.package PS_LipN97.package PS_RainbowTattooChokersV2.package PS_TattooChokers.package PTS_Beepsy_Charade_PU.package PTS_Beepsy_Smoke_PU.package PTS_Classic_High_Chair.package PTS_DreamOnMe_Daybed_Frame.package PTS_LuckyCharms_Dress.package PTS_LuckyCharms_Recolors.package PTS_PP_Bobbi_PU.package PTS_Pusheen_Toddler_Toy.package PTS_RiflePaper_Coeatery_HighChair.package PTS_Teeny_Tot_Matress.package PTS_TinyDancer_PU.package PTS_Wistful_Winds_Canopy_Bedframe.package PTS_Wistful_Winds_Canopy.package R_TS4_Teeth_01-sharper.package Rebel Trait - by o0ohaleyo0o.package Resource.cfg RetroHairShorter byBirksche.package revolution-sims_fancy_gown.package RoyalMaxisConversion by Kiara24.package RUSTY-161210_Fhair_Long Wavy Classic Edit_V3.package SatinLaceVictorianDress01_T.D..package Selliato_canvasRack.package Selliato_canvasRack.ts4script SentaHair byBirksche.package Sentate-PamDress.package short choppy.package SimsOMediaSassyTrait.package SimsOMediaVixenTrait.package Simsperience_FreshSkins_1-63_Fixed.package simwho_fez.package Sintiklia-Hair28bMarina-POextraNaturals.package Sintiklia-Hair28bMarina-POextraUnnaturals.package Sintiklia-Hair28bMarina-POmain.package Sintiklia-Hair28bMarinaNymphy-POextraNaturals.package Sintiklia-Hair28bMarinaNymphy-POextraUnnaturals.package Sintiklia-Hair28bMarinaNymphy-POmain.package Skysims Hair Adult 204.sims3pack Skysims Hair Child 204.sims3pack Skysims Hair Toddler 204.sims3pack star wars poster.package startrek poster.package Stealthic Psycho (Hair).package sugarlumpies_CMMergedWhiteHair.package Thorsuit.package TinkerBell_Kiara24mesh_Female_Medieval_Times.package Tm_FemaleUniform_Bottom.package toksik_Afire_Blazer.package UpdatedSims4AbsentMindedTraitLilcasscass.package Velouria_Animal_Eyes-0.package Victorian Countess skirt_T.D..package Victorian Countess top_T.D..package VictorianConversionSkirt2.package VictorianConversionTop2.package VoodoolingSims_burgerpantshat.package VoodoolingSims_F_goatsoapoveralls.package VoodoolingSims_F_Undertale_Asriel.package VoodoolingSims_F_Undertale_brattyFootball.package VoodoolingSims_F_Undertale_Mettatonposter.package VoodoolingSims_F_Undertale_Tauriel.package VoodoolingSims_F_Undertale.package VoodoolingSims_FriskShirt.package VoodoolingSims_FriskShorts.package VoodoolingSims_M_Burgerpantstop.package VoodoolingSims_M_Undertale_Sans.package VoodoolingSims_papyrus Soccer ball.package VoodoolingSims_papyrus.package VoodoolingSims_TemmieUndertale.package Xelenn FrillsAndRuffles blouse tucked.package Xld_TheUrbane_1.package Yecats_yfShoes_FiveInchKneeBoots_Pink.package Zerbu - Buyable Dirty Dishes.package Zerbu - Pleasure Seeker Trait.package Zerbu - Turbo Careers Mod Pack - Career Overrides.package Zerbu - Turbo Careers Mod Pack - Copy.package Zerbu - Turbo Careers Mod Pack.package


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