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Create a Sim and Work Issues

by theinnercircle21

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Create a Sim and Work Issues

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This has happened multiple times on my game now, I keep trying to get my sims to go to plan outfit and change his clothes but it just loads and loads and loads and never gets to the screen to the point where my only solution is to restart my computer. I tried sending my sim to work and it just immediately disappears, I’ve even tried changing his outfit for work to no avail. Please help, or someone from EA please fix the bug. 

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Re: Create a Sim and Work Issues

@theinnercircle21  It sounds like your sim's work outfit may be corrupted.  Can he still go to work and gain experience towards a promotion, even as he's disappeared?  If so, the issue might resolve itself when he gets promoted and receives a new work outfit.


Otherwise, do you use custom content, and is it possible your sim's outfit contains a cc item?  Do you use mods?  It's fine if you do—it may even be convenient, since certain mods enable more effective resets—just let me know whether you do or not.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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