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Code already used?

by cazzooey

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Code already used?

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i tried installing my brand new sims 3 starter pack (disc version) onto my windows 7 laptop, Origin itself successfully downloaded but the Sims 3 was not in my game library. So, while logged into my account, I went to add a game and put in the access code in my email. It said the code had already been used, and then I tried the code in the pamphlet from the game and again it said it had already been used. Very frustrating. I feel like I have tried everything. This game is brand new and never opened before. How do i fix this?

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Re: Code already used?

@cazzooey  Why are you trying to install from disc. The software on the discs is out of date. In 2012 the DRM for The Sims 3 was changed from SecuROM and SafeDisc to Origin. Existing games should have continued to run as is until you wanted to add DLC, then the game would require the DRM yo be Origin. After you entered the code did you log out and log back into Origin. If you are getting the error that the code is already used that means the code is in the system somewhere. You will need to contact EA customer service about this issue - link - EA customer service


I do not work for EA or associated with EA other then helping other users in the forums.
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