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Code Invalid?

by katlover15

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Code Invalid?

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I bought the sims 3 monte vista and every time I try and enter the code it is saying its already been used and I was wondering what day and time it may have been used, the code is,


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Re: Code Invalid?

@katlover15  You'll need to contact EA customer support for that information.  No one here has access to your account details.


If you bought a used disc copy of MV, it's likely that the original owner registered the code, in which case you're out of luck—codes can't be sold or transferred between accounts.  If you were the one who originally registered MV, then it should still be on your Sims 3 Store account.  (Support can help you sort that out if it's the case.)


And just to clarify, MV does need to be downloaded from the store, not Origin.  So if the problem is that you entered your code in Origin and couldn't download MV, then entered the code again and got the error, just login to the store with your Origin credentials and see if you can download MV.  Here's the product page:


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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