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Re: Clothes line?

by puzzlezaddict

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Clothes line?

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I bought some expansion packs including the Sims 3 town life. When I do laundry it has the option to put it on a clothesline, I have no clothesline in either one of my catalogs, do you have to buy this separately?

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Re: Clothes line?

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The clothesline comes as in-game content. Can you not find it in the outdoor section in buy mode? (Off the top of my head) I think it's under the activites in the outdoor section in buy mode, sort by a room. 


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Re: Clothes line?

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Clothesline comes with the Ambitions Expansion pack, under bathroom in buy mode , click hamper/clothes basket picture.I know this answer a bit late but thought I would reply in case someone looking for it.

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Re: Clothes line?

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What if we don't have expansion pack and we bought the laundry basket and washer from the catalogue by using simpoints?


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Re: Clothes line?

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@CatLover5644 I did that and my sims can only use the washer once and then it's full and won't let them use it again because there is no dryer or clothes line.
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Re: Clothes line?

@CharlieSaurusRex  If you don't have a dryer or a clothesline, then no, your sims won't be able to finish their laundry.  If you don't own Ambitions, then you can buy a dryer from the store.  For example:


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