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Changing the Clock?

by air380777

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Changing the Clock?

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Does anyone know if there is anyway to change the clock from the  AM/PM clock to the 24 hour clock?


I have a Canadian Origin account but I'm from Europe and I still use the 24 hour clock on  all my readouts and the AM/PM clock is driving me crazy.


Could I edit the registry to change the game's language to UK-English?


I miss how the sims 3 had this option.


Is there a cheat command to force the clock change, even if I have to do it every time I load a save, I don't mind.


Please help!


Thank you for any help!


PS: I'm quite enjoying the game as of late, I've grown to like it more than the Sims 3.

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Re: Changing the Clock?


Hi @air380777


you mean you want to change that in the game ? No, I don't think there's such an option in Sims 4. You might wanna suggest that in either the game info forum here or at the ideas corner at the officials:


There is no English-UK for the game. Only English-US. What language are you playing in currently ?

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Re: Changing the Clock?

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I and many others wish there were such an option but alas there are not and EA seems unwilling to add such a simple feature. So if you want a 24 hour clock you need to change to a non english language. Apparently EA doesn't realize that there are hundreds of millions non US english speaking people.

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