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Re: Change Unplayed Sim to Played

by indieGlam

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Change Unplayed Sim to Played

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I accidentally selected the option to make my sim unplayed in Sims 4. Is there a way to undo this? I didn't want to make her unplayed?
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Re: Change Unplayed Sim to Played


Just switch to the household and load it.


That will make the household played again.

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Re: Change Unplayed Sim to Played

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I'm having a similar issue but when I load up the "Unplayed Sim" there is a red line all around the screen and no Sims are able to obey commands. I created the resident Sim and the property however I can't even look inside the buildings unless I enter into Build Mode.


This started when I created a Sim and went right into Build Mode instead of having him check out an empty lot. I saved and switched over to Live but then this red line around the screen appears and the Sims don't do anything. I've loaded up past saves and the issue persists.


Other household saved to the same game work fine. They can visit this problematic household, talk to the guy, but can't enter into any buildings. 


Is there a setting or a pathway I'm doing wrong? Problem Sim's home's Plum Bob is a grey-green.


I'm I'm screwed, is there a way to load this awesome house I built so I can download it to a new game? All I can find online is how to load People to the gallery.

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