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Celebrity Issue

by Danikins1395

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Celebrity Issue

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So, while playing the Sims, I've noticed a HUGE influx of celebrities in every neighborhood I play in.


Aside from around three or four people in my community, ALL other sims are celebrities. I don't know exactly when it happened, whether it was the last patch or something I had done, but it's getting aggravating to have to impress every Sim mine meets.


No, I have no mods, custom content, or anything that isn't bought from the store. Every add-on I have is from the store.


I use the testingCheatsEnabled cheat, but I notice it even when I don't use that cheat.


Anyone else having this issue or have a solution to it?

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Re: Celebrity Issue


They are a pain and have always spread like wildfire (cause you gain stars so easily when you are friends with them).


There's mods that help keeping them under control but I don't think you can control them otherwise (As far as I remember there's only an opt out active households in the options for celebrities, no way to turn them off completely).


Unsure if they spread at all if you don't have any to begin with.

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Re: Celebrity Issue

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 you can opt out of celebrity in the launcher and still keep your stars but the bad problem is you still get accused of doing things and get the bag over your head moodlet. May have to start a clean game and opt out of celebrity unless OP wants you use a mod.

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