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Re: Career tab broken

by Sashas0nic

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Career tab broken

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My career tab has been broken since the last few patches. I uninstalled the ui extensions mod that everyone was saying broken their game too. I got back into game and the career tap is still broken. Ive updated all my mods, ive checked all my cc, and nothing is fixing it. You can not see it because the sim is already at work but I can not send the sims to work if they are late by using the 'Go to work' button. It does not show up at all. Please help




Its like this with every career

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Re: Career tab broken

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Change the games resolution to the recommended resolution of your graphics card. Usually the highest possible.

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Re: Career tab broken

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Hi, @PandaPersonSIMS 


If it was Weerbesu's UI mod, it has been updated but now via Patreon also remember that since a Career has been added, it's best to check any cc/mods that change/interact with the Careers in General. Also please check here for any broken or updated mods . and here for more tips on fixing your game. 



I have no connection to EA


edit: fixed link

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